Sony Launches The New α9 With 24.2 MP Sensor And A Price Tag Of $4,500

Sony just announced the new full frame mirrorless camera named the α9. It is their new flagship device with a smaller form factor then a usual full-frame DSLR. But that is not the only this good about this new thing. Let’s see what other specs we have.

The Sony α9 has a 24.2 MP full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integrated memory. The built in memory makes it 20 times faster. So you get 20fps of shooting RAW footage with AF/AE lock for up to 241 RAW and 362 JPEG images. The α9 also has the ability to shoot without blackout. That is a pretty good thing cause it is a pretty usual problem with a DSLR. It would be fun to see if it performs like it is supposed to cause a DSLR has a very fast electronic shutter and it also maintains that 60fps live view in continuous shooting. On the other hand that electronic shutter shoots up to 1/32000 seconds. Again pretty good but a mechanical shutter much faster.

The α9 also has a very good focusing speed and a good object tracking process too. Also there is a QVGA OLED 120fps viewfinder, 5 axis internal stabilization and dual SD card slots for all the photos you will be taking with it. There is also an Ethernet port for file transfers over LAN and a joystick to control AF points. So those are the basics you would need to know about this flagship. The α9 has a price tag of $4,500. It will be available from this May. Not sure if they are going all around the world right from get go. But they will presumably launch it all over.


Source | DPReview



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