Polar M430 Is Up For Preorder With A Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor And A Waterproof Body

Polar has announced their newest running watch and named it the M430. With their signature heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking technology, this is an update to their previous flagship the M400. Let’s look at its specs and updates.

The Polar M430 has a lightweight unibody design with a breathable waterproof body. It has an integrated GPS system and a wrist-based heart rate monitor consisting of 6 LEDs. For the M400 the heart rate monitor was just an add-on feature. But for this one they included it right into the main list of specs. Polar has mastered the technology of wireless heart rate monitoring. As usual they have tweaked the system a little to adjust it with the functions of the watch but you can be sure that it was for the best of things.

Another very interesting feature for the M430 is Polar’s very own Polar Flow. It is their very own social network. Athletes can share their workout routines and training videos to inspire one another or share a few tips. The Polar Running Program will guide you through your daily work out seasons and keep you in line for achieving your goals. It is like a training session without a human instructor. Director of Science Collaborations at Polar, Dr. Raija Laukkanen said,

With a simple and intuitive process, Running Program helps to improve running performance and results for a specific event.

Another feature is the Running Index. With this you can monitor your daily and monthly progress. The scores are calculated and calibrated after every single session. Polar says,

With Running Index, another advanced running feature for Polar M430, athletes can easily monitor their progress and see how their running performance develops over time.

The Polar M430 is up for preorder right now with a price tag of $229. You can order it through their own website.


Source | Polar



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