Google Pair Up With Yi Technology To Give Us The Yi Halo: A 17 Camera Professional Rig

Google first introduced its Jump VR platform with a cloud based software system that uses a unique algorithm to put together 360 degree videos. Google has been working with different brands, the most recent is GoPro. GoPro teamed up with Google and made the Odyssey. It was a 16 camera rig and also the first Jump camera we saw from Googles project lineup. It seems that Google has a little more confidence in this Jump camera lineup and giving it an update, this time with the Chinese company Yi Technology. Yi Technology announced the new Yi Halo.

The new Yi Halo is a new 17 camera professional rig that can shoot stereoscopic 8K videos at 30fps and 5.8K videos at 60fps. The Jump software is built in to the system. The Odyssey had 16 cameras so this has one extra. That extra camera is located on top of the rig. It allows filmmakers to capture close to accurate 360 degree footage. It has a smartphone app that you can use as a controller. It also has a touchscreen controller on the right side including the power button and a battery life indicator.

The Yi Halo has a price tag of $16,999. Google is doing a limited launch of the product with a campaign called Jump Start Google. In this Google is planning on giving a 100 filmmakers with Yi Halos. This stands until 22 May. The price I don’t think it is a lot. A good camera gear costs a lot of money now and this is probably the best in the 360 shooting market right now. So you can either hop on the Jump Start Google program or wait for reviews and then buy it.


Source | Yi



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