Amazon Echo Show Is The New Alexa Device With A 7 Inch Display

Amazon just officially expanded their Echo family with a new touchscreen device called the Echo Show. It is like the voice controlled Echo home device but with a display, so functionalities have a larger range. Let’s see what else is happening with it.

The Amazon Echo Show obviously has Alexa. So instead of saying all the things on the Echo device, this will show them on the screen. Hence fulfilling the name Echo Show. So when you tell Alexa to give you the weather report or your favorite Meat ball recipe, it will show you rather than just telling you. But it will probably also tell you, but the display is the new attraction. So I’m talking about that more. In that context, you can now watch videos, the news on any channel you want by contenting it to YouTube and Amazon Video. Very exciting if you are using all Amazon Alexa based products in your home or if you are thinking of buying one. Just to make it clear they all work separately and very nicely. But having all of them synced with each other makes the experience so much better.

On the body of the device has a 7 inch display with 8 built in microphones. On the front of the device is also a 5MP camera and right under the display are two front facing speakers. It will also support video calls and voice calls but only through the Alexa app. There is also a new feature called Drop In. This is basically to give special access to friends and family. So that they can call at any time. One of your family members call and you will get a 10 second time window to reject a call or receive it.

The Amazon Echo Show has a price tag of $229.99 and they are on sale only on Amazon right. Amazon is set to ship the product on June 28th. Right now it is on preorder and there is a promotional offer going on Amazon. So if you want to buy one, then spend the $299.99. But if you want to buy two for some reason than you can preorder two for just $360. Now that is a good price. So if you don’t even need two, just convince a friend to buy one and you can get it for this awesome price.


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