The Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear Are Smart Shoes Powered By Intel

Xiaomi is having the best run any tech company can. Smartphones and smart gadgets – they got their hands on everything and everything is paying up. Their latest sports trackers became popular in a very small time too and now they are getting more into the sports market with their new smart shoes. They are called the “90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear”. Not joking, that is the real name. So let’s see what Xiaomi is bringing to the table this time.

The 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear (That name is too long) is created in partnership with Intel. They of course worked on the inside and it runs on the Intel Curie module. It is the size of an oversized button, which is still pretty small. Looking at the physical aspects, you have air cushions, soles with an arch design, antibacterial insoles and anti-skid features. It records the distance you traveled, your speed, the calories you burned after the day and the basic smart shoe features. If you are going to buy it you can choose from a few options. So you get Black and Surf Blue, Black and Pink and a special Blue Edition that glows in the dark. I personally prefer the Surf Blue choice. It will run for about 60 days on one charge, so I have no idea why is it called “90 minutes”. I mean just call it the Mi sport shoes or something.

The price tag on the 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear is CNY 300, which is about $44. It is now up for preorder on Mi Home. It will probably be out in the market on April 15th and if you are not familiar with Xiaomi then sorry to disappoint but they are only available in China. No news on an international launch.


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