Veldt ‘Tottori West Family Time Watch’ Tells You How Much Time You spent with Family

Veldt just launched a new smartwatch called the Tottori West Family Time Watch. It is going to tell you how much time you spent with your family and loved ones. A real punch to the gut for some people and for some a wake-up call. But none the less an interesting idea.

Now a days a smartwatch is the next step of operating your smartphone or any other smart device. But no device is telling you that because of devices and gadgets you are spending less and less time with your friends and family. The ‘Tottori West Family Time Watch’ is very good at showing you that. Veldt is actually part of a government program that encourages people to relocate to a more rural area of the country. Every time a person decides to move out of the metropolis, he is given one of these smartwatches. Let’s say that your kid has one of the beacons that connect with the watch. He is running around and you are playing with him or telling him a story. The watch measures how far your kid is. If he is further then 30 meters then the watch will tell you that he is not in talking distance and that you have not spent enough time with him.

But, well it is going to be a smartwatch. So be sure to expect all the basics of a smartwatch like sending an email and all social media notifications (probably optional) and also step and sleep tracking. It is a very interesting idea. But it is still a very good idea. A few upgrades and a few more models and they should get it right but for now this is pretty awesome.


Source | Veldt



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