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Hello there, this is Siam, an author at Update Gadgets. I’m currently an Siamundergraduate student studying Economics. I have been a tech-enthusiast for a long time, I often tend to do a lot of research on about tech related stuffs & I can proudly say I’m good at it. I try to write about these and help people to know about the newest technology that are getting released. Update Gadgets has given me the platform to express my expertise in this field & I’ll try my best to produce quality tech news for people having a thing for tech like me.


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Hello to anyone reading this. I am Abrar, an author at Update Gadgets. I’m Abrarul Hudaa full time student, arrogant, self-obsessed, realistic and a little narcissistic, but the only thing you need to know about me is I’m a tech enthusiast and I like to write about it.

I’m a student of computer science, so this is kind of my zone. I like to keep it clean and simple while I’m writing. Putting out all the objectives necessary and up for grabs. Hope my work here at Update Gadgets will provide you with your daily update in newest technology. If it does, glad to help.


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Mishaal here. I am the lead author at Update Gadgets. I love to researchMishaal and write about technologies that are helping us in our daily life. Though I am a student and studying hard 24/7 but that didn’t pulled me off from my enthusiasm about new technologies. UG is the platform to express my knowledge. Hopefully I will deliver quality steamy tech news for the other tech geeks out there.


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