Tangram smart rope At the Apple Store

In the past year there has been kind of a revolution in personal healthcare. Lot of exercise gadgets and fitness bands have surfaced. Anything the makers are getting their hands on they are making it smarter. Why should jump ropes be any different? They have also been smartened for the better use of people and now Apple quite oddly have taken an interest in them. The recent Tangram smart rope will be sold by Apple from next week in the Apple stores.

Tangram smart rope a jump rope with embedded LEDs. The LED projects a digital display in front of you when you are jumping and counts your jumps. The Tangram smart rope can track your jumps and calories burned. It also has a leaders board type system. This will help you to connect with your friends and compare your stats with them.

The Tangram Smart Rope has a price tag of $90. Smart ropes are not a new thing. Companies have made it before and people have bought it before. You can buy a smart rope on Amazon for around $10-$15. This has some features but let’s face it. They are not so mind boggling. I mean if you are thinking of buying a smart jump rope then you probably own a good fitness tracker. Which means your heart rate is monitored and your stats are compared and linked with your buddies. Also counting while jumping or listening to music while running are good way to build your multi-tasking abilities. You probably know that you do not need it. But you might still want to buy it just because Apple is selling it.

So if you are one of those people you can buy the Tangram smart rope for $90 in your nearest Apple Store or from Tangram’s own website.


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