Sony Shows Off New Touchscreen Projector Prototypes

Touch screen is the center of display tech right now. Almost all the flagship smart TV’s coming out right now are touch screen, every smart device has a touch screen, there was a fridge last year that had a giant touch screen display attached to it (Impractical if you ask me but it happened). But not just touch screens, holograms and projectors are becoming more and more popular too. So Sony decided to bring them together. This is not a new concept. Companies have tried this before. Sony’s lab seem to have done a good job to cook up a prototype. Let’s talk about it.

What actually are these things? Just imagine the holographic things Iron Man works with. He spreads a sheet in front of him and pulls the blueprints right out of the paper and makes it into a holographic touch display. Well this is kind of start to that. But definitely not as cool as them. Sony took their projector-based touchscreen technology and made two prototype devices. These can turn any flat surface into display board and you can interact with the projection using your hand. Not only that you can take real life objects and turn them into augmented reality versions of themselves to physically work with them.

The two prototype devices work differently. The first one is a projector. Sony first showed it off at last year’s SXSW. It sits on top of a table and transforms the table into an interactive display. It also does 3D tracking of hand movements and depth sensing. It will sense your hand on the projected object. It will sense when you interact with the object and when you are resting your hand on the table. They showed off a few software demos to give the audience a little peak into the work they are trying to do.

The second prototype is also a projector that they showed off at this year’s SXSW. It is a completely different hardware. It also has the same responsive projector technology. But instead of sitting on top of the table it sits on an angled surface and they work together.

There is no physical display at work in any of these devices. Sony has made that very clear. Nothing about price or a launch. Sony says this is just a prototype showing. They probably will not get this out in the market before they have a solid base for the product. But while that happens this is pretty good to move forward with.


Source | The Verge



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