Sony Show Off New Motion Sonic Project That Manipulates Musical

Sony showed off a lot of awesome tech at this year’s SXSW festival at Austin. They had a touchscreen projector technology and headphones to show, which I talked about before. But now let’s talk about the new wearable they showed that can manipulate sound using movement. Sony is calling it the Motion Sonic project.

The Motion Sonic project is a wristband. The wristband has sensors and microphones on it. These help capture your motion, when you rotate, when you speed things up – all of these things. This device then turns your hand into musical instruments. This lets you control the sound and the filters on the song that is already playing. Basically it will try to read your mood through your physical movement and change the music in that form.

Sony showed off a few examples on YouTube. It shows how it works and what it does. But I don’t think they have an actual representation of it. Cause it is just a demo and the sensors are not supposed to work that perfectly. I mean even a finished product is not supposed to be that fast and that good. But if they manage to make it happen that processor is going to be the best in any wearable gadget ever.

It is a big wristband. I mean you can’t be wearing it out in the public. But this might be the start to a lot of things. The Motion Sonic project might be the project that lights the way for so many other projects.


Source | Sony



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