Rythm announces Dreem that monitors sleep & brain waves

A neurotechnological company based in Paris & San Francisco, called Rythm has launched their company with their first device on Thursday, called the Dreem. They have merged neuroscience with advanced technology to enhance human potential with its creation. The Dreem is a wearable device (Headband) that can help you sleep better. It has Electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors built in. However, unlike other devices the Dreem simply records & analyzes your sleep patterns.

Rythm Dreem is a breakthrough in wearable technology that improves deep sleep quality through a proprietary hardware and software solution. The device simulates a sound to keep the user in deep sleep for an extended period when it recognizes that the user is in a specific deep sleep pattern. The company claims that the device will improve your sleep, by interrupting your brainwaves a bit. The Dreem just can’t measure your brain activity but according to Rythm’s CEO and co-founder Hugo Mercier, it can see whether you’re in deep sleep, REM or light sleep — each phase is different (deep sleep can be the most body-restful; REM sleep involves dreams). And it can do more than that: it senses eye movement, and potentially a whole lot more. He also said that, “The future belongs to those who can apply and learn from the human brain, The Dreem is one of the most intricate systems on the planet and yet we are only beginning to understand how it functions on a deeper level — but as we learn more, we’ll unlock new possibilities and products that can help us tackle some of the biggest problems we have today.”

Rythm Dreem-1

The device is sleek & lightweight. It allows users to input their desired wake time, and wakes users at their optimal sleep stage closest to that time, avoiding the grogginess that comes with being jarred awake during an unsuitable stage.

We spend most of our lives sleeping, yet most people don’t think or don’t know how sleep works or how it effects our body. Studies show that deep sleep is important for memory consolidation, cellular regeneration, cellular growth & hormone release occur. Further researches reveal that “Pink Noise” can be used to prolong deep sleep. Now with the help of the Dreem it can be extended through the device.

The device is priced at $350 (UK and Australian prices are yet to be announced but that converts to about £250 or AU$475) that will rouse the users at the optimal time to avoid morning grogginess & get a better sleep. It will also record & analyze sleep patterns of the user with its associated iOS & Android app but it operates on its own at night. People who are eager to buy the product now can sign up for early access at the Rhythm website. Rythm has raised substantial funding from investors, awards and government grants to support a world-class team of 45 people.



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