Remix OS Player Is An Advanced Android Emulator For PC

Remix OS is a modified desktop version of Android. It is designed like the desktop version of windows. The start button opens the app drawer like windows. Jide has made a Remix OS Player to run this modification of Windows. The Remix OS Player is an emulator of the OS for Windows. You can get it completely free of cost. To install Remix OS on your Windows device you had to boot it from a USB stick. But with this player you do not need any USB stick or any booting. You just use the Player and download the .EXE file, install and you are ready to go.


Jide based the Remix OS Player on the virtual machine in Android Studio. Inside we will see the player running a window. The original OS is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0. It gives you access to Google Play Store too. Soyou get a different UI but you are not going to be missing out on any of the Android software. Jide says that it is a great outlet as a gaming emulator. Android apps and games like Clash of Clans can be accessed straight through the Windows desktop. But this is not for every PC. The spec sheet requirement for this very specific. It needs at least a Windows 7, Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and these are just the basics of it. But most of these requirements are pretty basic in this generation. So it will not be such a problem. The Remix OS Player is almost basic compared to some of the dual Window apps in the market.


Source | Jide



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