PS4 Licensed Pro Controllers – Nacon Revolution & The Razer Raiju

Sony has revealed two new licensed pro controllers for the PS4 from Razer & Nacon that will be coming later this year. They have worked closely with both the companies to help optimize each controller for the PS4 – incorporating innovative Dualshock 4 controls and ensuring gamers can enjoy a plug & play experience with any model of PS4. Each controller offers a different layout and range of unique features, so competitive gamers can find one which best compliments and adapts to their unique gameplay style.

Razer Raiju

Razer is already a big name in the gaming industry for developing eSports peripherals. So it already makes them an ideal candidate for Sony to partner with them. Designed for conquering professional eSports tournaments, the Razer Raiju is equipped with advanced controller customization and ergonomics. It features two extra bumpers and two extra detachable triggers, as well as trigger-stop switches and hair trigger mode for faster responses. There’s also a control panel on the front of the device, dedicated headset and mic controls and the ability to choose between two custom button profiles based on player preference. It looks pretty similar to Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, a bit wider and chunkier in size.


Nacon Revolution

The Nacon team of industrial designers and engineers collaborated with pro-gamers to develop the Revolution Pro Controller to meet a wide range of their gameplay needs. The Nacon controller features a modified left analogue stick which has been bumped up to sit above a redesigned, eight-way directional pad, in a layout similar to the Xbox One controller. Both analogue sticks claim to offer better accuracy and reach, and the pad also contains six additional weights for improved “balance and feel”. Additional features include four extra shortcut buttons and four custom profiles that allow players to re-map buttons, assign macros to the four shortcut controls and adjust analogue and trigger sensitivity. Settings can be configured via a companion PC application provided by Nacon.


There is no information regarding the price & availability of the controllers. But they are assumed to hit the markets during the upcoming Christmas.


Source | PlayStation Blog



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