Nvidia Updated The Shield TV With 4K HDR And Google Assistant

Nvidia has announced their latest update of the Shield TV home streaming box. Nvidia is not late on making improvements. They take notes from their customers and start working on it.

Nvidia Shield TV has improved in a few sections. The design has slightly been tweaked too and you get 4K HDR streaming. Nvidia says that the new one will come directly set with 4K HDR streaming capabilities and the old ones will get an update pretty soon after the launch. This seems to be a good strategy cause they have not updated any of the old things and that sometimes does not make any sense. Like a software update is always necessary to keep a satisfied consumer list. Nvidia claims about three times better performance than any other Android streaming box on the market. It runs Android TV, so you can access all the 4K content from Netflix, Google Play Movies, Vudu and newly added Amazon Video.

Also the Shield TV supports Google Assistant. So you can use voice control and hands-free commands to control this thing just like Google Home. Nvidia is also going to launch a microphone named the Nvidia Spot. This is sold separately from the Shield TV. You can put it anywhere in the house and give out commands. So you can control the TV from the kitchen and you don’t have to shout either. The new Shield TV also connects with the smart home hub. So you can control the TV using the hub too. Basically they have really made it easy to use and accessible through every way possible.

Last but not the least by far, the Shield TV supports thousands of games. They are probably signing a contract with Ubisoft. Cause Nvidia claims that all future games from Ubisoft will release on the Shield TV as well as for PC. They are also making an app for Steaming video games in 4K HDR on their TVs and with 500GB of internal storage it ticks all the boxes.

Shield TV has a price tag of $199 and is now available for preorder. It seems like a pretty god buy especially since they are now giving you software updates.


Source | The Verge



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