Nvidia GT 1030 Has A Clock Speed Of 1265 MHz And A Price Tag Of $69.99

Nvidia just launched a new graphics card named the GT 1030. It is not speced out or anything and it also has a very good price range too.

The GT 1030 has 2GB of onboard memory. It has a core clock speed of 1265 MHz that can be boosted up to 1518 MHz. That might not be the best in the market and to be fair that is not even close to the best in the market. But that configuration will support a wide variety of games. As some of you might like to buy the best in the market. But if you are starting with your games. Then this is a good place to start with. If you want to directly get to the heavy graphics, group gaming sessions than this is not for you.

The GT 1030 has a price tag of $69.99 and a lot of PC companies like Zotac, MSI and Gigabyte are now selling it with their products.


Source | VentureBeat



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