Nexdock Is One Of The First Products To Run On The Intel Compute Card

Nexdock is one of the first products to feature Intel’s new Compute Card. The computer Card was first announced at this years CES 2017. It is basically a full computer designed to fit small and compact devices and this is a great new device to start with. Nexdock is actually one of the companies listed as Intel’s regional partners.

The Nexdock is a 2 in 1 touchscreen device. It has two slots on the sides. The two slots are what makes this thing more than just a good looking display. One of the slots is for the Intel Compute Card. There are a few options on the processing system of the cards, so you can customize it. The other slot is for a swappable custom USB-C module. You also have multiple options for modules. So you can get multiple number of input ports and output ports. You can adjust a kickstand and a keyboard to turn it into a laptop or just walk around with it.

The design looks like a spin off the Lenovo Yoga Tab. But it does look pretty awesome. The bump in the back is a little taller but not wider. It keeps the stand all tucked in the back. There is a little debate on the processing card being separate from the body. Cause that just leaves a useless display and a small card shaped device that you have a strong probability to loose. But if you Nex does say that it is better for the device. Gives it a longer life span. If that is true then I don’t have any problem with carrying two devices.

But unfortunately no one has to think about owning and not losing the Intel Compute Card and Nexdock. They are still in the development phase. The Intel card is expected to be out within summer 2017. The Nexdock on the other hand has on release dates. No news on the pricing of both the products.


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