Netgear Launch The New Orbi: A Multi-unit Router System

In the past year we saw a number of different routers and multi-unit systems that helps expand your Wi-Fi network in a large space. A little late to the game but still here none the less, Netgear is presenting us their latest line of routers – the Orbi. Let’s see a few you might need to know about them.

The Netgear Orbi is a two piece unit. First one is a wall-plugged piece. It is a pretty small device. We don’t see any cable ports to connect it with. So I guess this will be like the secondary piece connected wirelessly to the other one. Which brings me to the next one. This one sits on the table like the other routers from Netgear. Especially the one they launched last year. It is pretty much the same thing. Probably a little smaller in size.

The size was something they had to work on. Cause the design and the size was a complain they had from the start. They did not do anything about the design (Which I think is not that bad). But they did make it an inch smaller. But it came at a cost. For that size change they had to compromise the speed.

The two units pack of one wall-plugged unit and a normal Orbi unit has a price tag of $299.99. But you can also get them individually for the price of $199.99. The wall-plug in units will cost you about $149.99. If you ask me that is still pretty expensive. But hey, if you need something o this caliber then it is a good buy.


Source | Netgear



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