Logitech’s New Spotlight Is A $129 Presentation Remote

Logitech has just launched a new remote. It is a newly designed presentation remote and it is called the Spotlight. Now I know as well as you that this is not that interesting to read about at all but just hear me out.

Spotlight is not your ordinary laser pointer. It is a good looking device made from machined aluminum. There are only three buttons on it to make the interface as easy as possible (as it wasn’t easy enough already!). One big forward button in the middle, a back button on the bottom and a media button on top. That is all you have to know to use this thing. It works with almost all major presentation software like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi and Keynote. Now the difference between the Spotlight and any other laser pointer is that Spotlight can highlight important information. If you click the media button and point at a certain part of the slide it will digitally highlight that part of it. You can also magnify the information by zooming in on it.

You can also set a timer for the presentation in the Spotlight. The pointer will vibrate right before the time is up as a warning. You can control the volume using gestures if you are showing a multimedia file. So it does a lot more than just point at things. But there is a catch. These features only work if you use Logitech’s companion software. Now it may be installed in your laptop but if you use someone else’s computer then you can only move forward and backward through the slides.

Other features include connections. Spotlight will connect to your laptop via Bluetooth or the USB dongle embedded in the bottom of the remote. It charges over USB-C and need very little charge. I mean only minutes of charge. It has a price tag of $129.99 and is available on Logitech and in the Apple store. You can get it in gold and slate and a special silver only at the Apple store.


Source | Logitech



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