LG’s new Action CAM LTE records & streams 4K over LTE

LG has stepped up their Cam game this year by releasing their 360 Cam with their flagship LG G5 smartphone. Now LG is trying to take on GoPro with its new LTE Action Camera. By the name you can figure it out what it is. LG has basically built a tiny camera & managed to integrate LTE functionalities so that you don’t have to pair it with a smartphone to stream live footage.

The action cam has some impressive hardware inside like a 12.3 megapixel camera that has a 150 degree wide angle lens. It shoots 4K/UHD at 30 frames per second (fps), 1080p at 60fps and for extra slo-mo, there’s a 120 fps option at 720p.  It also has a GPS, an accelerometer & a gyroscope. It looks similar to GoPro’s Hero 4 Session but a bit longer on the height. LG claims that the device can survive underwater up to a meter depth for 30 minutes. They will also release a waterproof case later this year which will let your camera stay under water as long as you have juice in the battery. With the case on you will be able to live stream surfing, cycling, trekking, scuba diving & other activities straight to Youtube.

LG claims that the action cam can record Full HD for up to four hours to a microSD card & can stream any footage for at least two hours with a generous 1,400mAh battery. Adding an accelerometer & gyroscope in an action cam LG can bring some additional features in the future through updates. These hardware are used to mark your footage for big action moments or times when you’re going fast or falling down. The Action CAM supports memory cards up to 2TB, and there’s built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with a USB port. It measures 35 x 35 x 77.9mm & weighs around 95g. It will be available in Light Gray for the moment.

The Action Cam LTE will launch in South Korea next month according to LG’s official site announcement. After that it will hit the European & North American markets. No information regarding price or availability has been released yet. LG says the Action CAM is part of its “Friend” line of accessories, which it launched in Barcelona earlier this year with the LG G5. On paper it looks like the LG Action Cam LTE is going to give a harder challenge to the GoPro as those action cams do lack some features that the LG cam has. More to follow after its release.




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