LG Announces TONE Studio and the TONE Free Headsets To Feature in CES 2017

LG just announced a pair of Bluetooth headsets named the TONE Studio and the TONE Free. Both these headphones have a horseshoe design. DTS and LG collaborated on this and came up with an idea to give the users a surround sound experience. The TONE Studio features four external drivers, including two vibrating drivers at the bottom and two full range drivers at the top. These four drivers will give you a complete surround sound effect. There are also earbuds included (as they are supposed to be), if you don’t want everyone else to listen to what you are listening to.

The TONE Free as you can imagine by the name is pretty similar to the Tone Studio except for the external speakers. It has the similar horseshoe design. The earbuds are completely wireless. You take them out when you use them and just put them back in the neckband to charge. The band works as a charger. Also I can’t say about anyone else, band or no band I am going to lose these by the second week. The neckband vibrates if you have any notifications on your phone and if you are one of those people (Me) who thinks that the neckband looks completely ridiculous then you can get the optional charging cradle and dump the neckband.

LG also did a collaboration with JBL to make the TONE Infinim and the TONE Ultra. No feature list has been released. But they are going to showcase them on next years CES.


Source | LG



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