LG Announces New Levitating Speakers With More Then 10 Hours Of Battery Life

Speakers are a whole new line of experiments for the tech companies. This seem to be one of the gadgets that can be physically customized to the level that it is unrecognizable and not cost more than my rent. LG is joining on the craze with levitating speakers. They might not be the first company to try this but they are pretty good at making speakers. Let’s see the spec sheet and try to see if this is as reliable as any other Bluetooth speaker.

The first thing you notice is the design. When all the other levitating speakers have more of a flatter levitating body. This one looks like a capsule standing up. So an interesting choice on the design. Electromagnets are used for the levitating. But whatever the body does, at the end of the day it is a speaker. LG claims it to be an omnidirectional speaker. The Dual Passive Radiator technology in it makes it “flush mid-range tones and crisp highs.” That is how they like to say it.

The more heavier unit on the bottom handles the base and it works as a subwoofer. The floating unit on top has a battery life of 10 hours. Now that is some good battery life. The bottom unit is used as a charger for the top unit. After the 10 hours of battery life of the speaker, it sits back on the base and instantly starts charging. You can also listen to music while charging.

LG’s levitating speakers don’t have a price tag or a release date just yet. But we are hoping to see it at CES 2017. It seems like LG has been preparing nicely for the biggest tech event of the year.


Source | LG



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