Intel’s announces its first commercial drone: Intel Falcon 8+

Renowned computer chip & peripheral maker Intel has just announced its first consumer drone this Tuesday at the 2016 INTERGEO drone conference in Hamburg. They have been working hard in the drone space with the Yuneec Typhoon H with Intel RealSense technology for intelligent obstacle navigation and the Intel Aero Platform, a platform for developers to build their own drones from the ground up. The Falcon 8+ is an advanced drone with full electronic system redundancy and is designed with safety, ease, performance and precision in mind.

The Falcon 8+ is a V-form octocopter that boasts high stability, precision GPS and flight control electronics and components that are redundant three times over & offers the best weight-to-payload ratio, high stability and resistance to magnetic field disturbances. It is a drone of choice for professional UAV operators in the inspection and surveying and mapping industries. The Falcon 8+ is powered with AscTec Trinity technology, which is a triple-redundant autopilot with three redundant inertial measurement units that compensate for external influences like electromagnetic fields or strong winds.

Intel Corporation on Oct. 11, 2016, announced the Intel Falcon 8

The drone also comes with a tablet-based mobile ground station called Intel Cockpit, with a joystick for single-handed flight control and a water-resistant user interface. With the integrated Intel® based tablet, operators are able to plan and execute highly complex missions with ease. The Intel Cockpit integrates independent control and safety features with low latency digital video link. This supports payloads with up to 1080p resolutions for the best possible live view. The smart Intel Powerpack batteries power the Intel Falcon 8+ drone and the Intel Cockpit and combine efficiency with industrial safety standards. The battery features automatic balancing, storage mode, charging and LEDs that display remaining battery life. It makes everyday battery handling easy as it is small enough to meet airline shipping requirements for batteries.

Intel Cockpit, water-resistant user interface, is part of the In

Its predecessor the Falcon 8 is one of the leading commercial aerial platforms in European markets, but is unavailable in North America. This is apparently due to FCC regulations. Intel hopes to overcome these with the Falcon 8+ and is targeting it directly at North American customers. Intel did not reveal how much the drone will cost or when it will be available.


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