Ikea Launch A Line Of Smart Bulbs Named Trådfri

Smart home appliances are everywhere right now and the most expected company to capitalize from this is finally joining in. That’s right, Ikea is finally joining the Smart home appliance business with their own system of smart lights. They are calling it the Trådfri. This is the Swedish word for “wireless”. Let’s see what they are getting in the market with.

These are bulbs we are talking about. So not a lot to say about them. The Trådfri system is actually a gateway device. It connects to the internet using an Ethernet cable. The internet connection creates a local Trådfri connection that connects the bulbs at your house. But it is not just a light that they are selling. Ikea also has a motion-controlled dimmer switch. It is a small colorful thing. That you can use to dim the lights and it does not need to be in a soft smooth surface or anything. It will work on top of your hand.

There are a few temperature options for the Trådfri bulbs. You get three options of 2200K, 2700K, and 4000K temperature lights. Ikea says that all the bulbs will last about 25,000 hours. A package of two Trådfri bulbs and a remote will cost you 749 kr, which is about $85.40. Smart appliance or not, that is a lot of money for bulbs. They already put it out in a few countries in Europe and we are expecting a larger international launch by the end of this March. Trådfri is available on Ikea’s Swedish website right now. But within 31st March we are expecting a bigger launch and with all the stores that they have all around the world, a bigger launch is going to be huge.


Source | Ikea



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