Hologram-in-a-jar is A New Digital Assistant By Gatebox

By now we are all very well known to Siri, Cortana, Android Assistant and Alexa. Gatebox Lab has come up with their own personal assistant and they are calling it Hologram-in-a-jar digital assistant. But the assistant herself has a name and a face. It is Azuma Hikari. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

The first thing about this is that you can interact with it like Google Home. Cause that is the whole reason to call it an assistant. All the basics are also present in this. You can control all of your smart home appliances. What sets it apart is its physical appearance. Azuma Hikari does not only emote vocally but it will also physical react to you. Also Gatebox has different sensors to detect motion and temperature.

The way Gatebox designed it and executed it is that sometimes it feels like a person and you end up having a conversation with it other than just asking for the weather. The way they marketed it is very creepy. Cause you see a person being excited to get back to an empty house to talk to Azuma. You can even watch movies with. It can react to the movie too. I mean is it me or this is a specific toy for loners.

Gatebox has a price tag of 298,000 yen, which is about $2,525 USD for the hologram-in-a-jar digital assistant. It is up for preorder now, but their shipping will take about another year into December 2017. Right now it is completely limited edition. They are going to ship 300 of these assistants and as we see that they only have Japanese as language preference, it might not get out of Japan in the near future if not ever. Personally it is a little too human for me. But if you think humanoids are the future of humanity then you can surely be one of the 300 people to own this.


Source | Gatebox



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