Fujifilm Launch The New GFX Camera System With Six New Lenses

Fujifilm announced the latest addition to their camera line up this week and it is supposed to be standing with the world renown X series. They are calling it the GFX camera system. It has a massive 43.8mm x 32.9mm CMOS sensor and just like the X series the GFX camera is mirrorless. This gives it a more compact look. It reduces mirror slap and shutter shock. Mirror slap and shutter shock creates an amount of vibration when a photo is taken resulting in a blurred image. So that makes it a lot better for the perfectionists. Also the lens design becomes a lot easier.


The first camera Fujifilm is launching with the GFX camera system is called the GFX 50S with the massive 51.4MP (8256 x 6192) resolution. The FUJIFILM GFX 50S mirrorless camera features the G Format 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor. The G-format sensor is way larger than 35mm format. Also it is larger than the APS-C sensors. The APS-C sensors is what most companies use on mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Fuji launched the new FUJINON GF Lenses for the GFX camera. First one in line is the Standard prime GF63mm with an f/2.8 lens. Also the Wide angle standard zoom “GF32-64mm F4 R LM WR” , a macro 1:0.5 “GF120mm F4 Macro R LM OIS WR” , a fast aperture “GF110mm F2 R LM WR”, an Ultra-wide “GF23mmF4 R LM WR” and a Wide “GF45mmF2.8 R WR”. These seem like some awesome new addition to the already exciting line up of lenses from Fujifilm.

Pricing for these lenses or the body is not specified yet. But Fuji is trying to keep the cost as low as possible. But with this setup we can easily call out something around $9k to $10k. Fujifilm will make the GFX 50S available early next year.


Source | Fujifilm



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