Q: Do you sell gadgets that are shown in the site?

A: NO. UpdateGadgets.com does not sell any kind of gadgets. It’s just a media to provide the information of latest gadgets. You may find some links while browsing the site who may sell gadgets but Update gadgets is not affiliated with them.

Q: Can I send you my gadgets for updates?

A: NO. We do not upgrade or repair phones/tablets. We merely provide information about new gadgets.

Q: What are the main activities of UpdateGadgets.com?

A: The main and only activities of Update Gadgets is to provide rich information about latest gadgets.

Q: Does Updategadgets.com provide news for just a specific country?

A: NO. UpdateGadgets.com is a global gadgets news providing service. It gives you update as soon as a new gadget is released, doesn’t matter which country it has been released.

Q: Is there a subscription fee for this site?

A: NO. This site is completely free as long as it is maintaining the “Terms of Use” policy.

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