Boston Dynamics Come Up With The Handle: A Robot To Handle All The Heavy Lifting

Boston Dynamics is best known for their human simulation software’s and tools. They have been working in this sector straight from the start. We have seen some very interesting things from them. Their most recent one is the Handle. Just as the name suggests it is made to handle objects and do heavy lifting.

The Handle has a very dynamic balancing system. The two legs are connected to tires. It kind of moves around like a Segway. The speed and movement is really smooth. It is a top heavy bot. So the bot is constantly moving, making it a bigger challenge to balance the whole body on top of such a small structure. Boston Dynamics also claimed that the wheels make it easier to control and move around. We all know that, cause we have seen bots walk. They look like a little kid is right about to fall down and some of them really do fall down, a lot. But this one has more balance and way more speed.

They did not really announce the bot but they did show it off to some investors in a show that they did. The crowd looked really surprised (which is a good thing) to see such movement from the bot. In one footage it jumped and I thought, this is it! This is where it fails! But no. It landed perfectly and people cheered for it. Boston Dynamics did not really look to have this future. Cause in 2013 Alphabet bought Boston Dynamics. But recently they wanted to sell Boston Dynamics. Mostly cause the time it takes to develop something like this is too long for them to keep invested in. But Handle can easily turn around Alphabet and make them keep the company and make a profit out of it. Now it is just a matter of making it presentable in the market.


Source | MassLive



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