The BenQ HT8050 Home Theater Is A 4K Projector That Will Cost You $8,000

The number of movies that are coming out this year or even in years to come are too many to be watching in a theater. We all have to make a few hard choices of which to watch and which to not. But what if we can watch all of them at home and have the same theater experience. Well BenQ is trying to create that experience for you with their HT8050 home theater projector.

BenQ HT8050 home theater projector is their new flagship. It offers 4K video quality. BenQ claims that they have the same THX HD Display certification as IMAX theaters. They also say that the lenses have 14 elements that improve the sharpness, color, and brightness of the video. So basically it is your dream home theater. But it does not come without a price. It comes with a huge one to be exact.

The BenQ HT8050 home theater projector has a price tag of $7,999. Yes, it will cost you 8,000 bucks to get this thing in your house! Frankly it is too much. A movie ticket will cost you about $9 to $10. It isn’t that much at all compared to the large amount you have to spend for this and don’t forget the sound system you have to buy to get the actual home theater experience. But if you do want to spend that much money on it then it comes out on February 24th.


Source | BenQ



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