The Bat Bot Looks As Creepy As An Actual Bat And Flies Like One

Every gliding instrument made has always had a little bit of inspiration from a bat. Its wings are the perfect thickness for gliding. So it is safe to say that a lot of quadcopters now are made with the wings of a bat in mind. But no one has actually been able to make it good enough for a good enough flight. But a team of scientists from Caltech and the University of Illinois claimed that they have created something that can be called a biomimic of a bat and they are calling it the Bat Bot.

It has a wingspan of about 1 foot and weighs about 93 grams, which is not a lot of you think about a strong frame and a sturdy structure. It uses 9 joints to create complex movements that replicate the bat wings. A bat has 40 joints. But 9 is well enough to start off with. All the joints are 3D printed. 5 of the joints can be controlled individually using different motors. Of course for different in flight movements and changing directions. The bones are made of carbon fiber and the wings are made from a custom silicone-based material. Which is really thick and strong enough to hold onto and cut through the wind.

You can control it using a remote. Right now it is just another engineering project. They are working on it to prove that it is possible to control and fly such a thing. But as the progress I’m sure investors will find a few useful applications to frontline it. Now we just have to wait and see what they come up with to make it better.


Source | Science Robotics



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