ASUS HiveSpot and HiveDot Are Two New Mesh Networking System

Yet another modular wireless mesh networking system is presented at the CES and this time it is ASUS. They just launched the new HiveSpot and HiveDot system.

The HiveSpot and HiveDot system has a few differences. The HiveDot has a dual-band AC1300 system, but the HiveSpot has a tri-band AC2134 system. HiveSpot also has seven smart antennas, two 2.3GHz bands and another 5GHz band. This helps with the range of the network as well as the speed.

Both the HiveSpot and HiveDot systems need at least three nodes or up to five nodes. They work together to create a large Wi-Fi access point for you. That is how a mesh network works. This actually is a little different. You do not need to have a router with this. You can take one node and call it the master node (Or don’t call it that). Then plug in the Master node to the modem and call the remaining nodes its slaves (Or better yet don’t call them that). Also you can connect the nodes with the router you already have and extend the network even more.

You can run the whole using the ASUS Hive app. Not that complicated. Just install and click. No details on price or not even a launch date.


Source | Asus



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