Android O Just Got A Developer Preview At The Google I/O 2017

Google I/O 2017 had a good start yesterday with the announcement of Android O. We got a look at some of the changes Google made since Android Nougat. The changes don’t seem to be in the looks, so much as in the software experience.

Let’s get the visual changes out of the way first. Android O does not have a redesigned settings menu as some of you may have wanted. But no changes there. We do get subtle changes in the UI and that is about it. The shading on the notifications are a bit different.

There is a new picture-in-picture feature that makes multitasking work like a dream. Basically it is the YouTube feature where you can play the video in a small window while you do all the other things in the display. The background window now can be turned into a small front window that you can move around. Then we have the adaptive icons. This lets the icons change shapes on different devices. So companies don’t have to change the OS features to make their system look different. It has that function built in now.

Another cool new feature is the Notification Dot. It features a literal dot on top of the app icons that have active notifications. If that little dot appears you can tap and just open the app or do a long press, which will open a pop up with actions and minimized notifications. Kind of like pulling down the notification bar but not actually (Sarcasm).

Another good internal feature is the Smart Text Selection. So we have all done the select text and copy or cut. But with Smart Text Selection it is connected to Google AI. So when you select something it will show you direct suggestions. So if you select a phone number it will directly go to dial.

But not just the visuals. Google is claiming Android O will save battery life and also make your phone a lot faster. They got new security tools, development tools according to your smartphone and also OS optimizations. The OS optimization will provide you with a better longer lasting battery life. It should also speed up your phone through complex tasks and multitasking.

If you want to check it out then you can install the Android O Beta version. I personally wait for the full version to arrive. The Beta version bugs sometimes get on my nerves. But it looks like they have actually made a pretty good update over here. Don’t expect a lot to change visually. But expect thinks to get faster and wait for more announcements from Google. Check the Google Keynote Highlights from the below video.


Source | Android Developer



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