Android Go Comes With Interesting New Features For Smartphones With Minimum Configurations

Along with Android O another big announcement at the Google I/O 2017 was the Android Go. A new way for Google to launch better budget Android smartphones in a smaller markets. Google did try out the same thing a few years back with a similar type of an idea with Android One. But it did not get the reaction Google was looking for. Thus failing to get into the approachable market. But this time it seems they have done some more research and they are ready to bring it back with a new name.

Google claims that the Android Go will kind of be a smaller version of Android O. While being a smaller version means GO might not have a lot of the facilities from O. But it will have a lot of the key features that make O better then Nougat. Go is designed to run on smartphones with the minimum budget configurations like 1GB, or 512MB of RAM. So we have been seeing mostly Android 6.0 running on the smartphones with lesser configurations but from now they will all run a version of Android Go. The OS will take less memory and all the software will be calibrated in accordance with Go.

We have got a glimpse of YouTube Go. You will get to see preview frames of the video you want to watch. Also you will be able to download videos for offline viewing. Not just save the video but download it too. This is probably the best feature for the new YouTube Go. It is already a feature for the paid subscribers of YouTube Red. So plenty more interesting new features from other apps will come too.

Google is looking to set a 2018 launch date for Android Go. They will launch Android O first of course. Sort out a few bugs and then introduce the New Android GO.


Source | Google I/O Keynote 2017



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