Amazon Echo Look Is A New Device For Fashion Conscious People

Amazon has now announced a new device named the Echo Look, dubbed a “Style assistant” camera. It helps you catalog outfits and rate your look with while wearing the dress. Interesting concept but let’s see how they will make it work.

We got a photo of the Echo Look a few weeks ago. Not an official photo actually. The photo was leaked and the device was described as a security camera. But finally as we got an official image of the device, it matched the leaked photo. First, let’s see what it does first. You can use the Amazon Echo Look to take photos and videos. It works with voice command to take photos and videos. You can also take two photos of the outfits, rate them and compare them.

Amazon uses a machine learning algorithm to take the photos and also gives out specialist advice. It also comes with a built-in LED light and a microphone. It also has a base mount to attach it on the wall. The great thing is that Amazon is making all of its devices to pair with each other. So you can use Alexa and pair it with the Echo speaker. It will read you the news and play music. Amazon has confirmed that they will continue to add Alexa skills into the Echo Look. Not just that it also will also store your lookbook and recommend you outfits according to your style.

The Echo Look has a price tag of $199.99, but invitation only. If you want to buy it, you have to request it first and then get chosen. Like the old OnePlus days. Whatever, if fashion is a big thing for you than this is a good addition. Especially if you already use other Echo or Amazon devices.


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